Valheim Multiplayer Guide: Choose servers, join others, PvP or PvE

by Xavi Ablaza ● October 13, 2021

Want to play Valheim in co-op but wonder how? Here, you’ll learn all about Valheim multiplayer, how it works, and how to set up and join a multiplayer server.

The Viking survival game that has taken the world by storm isn’t just designed to be played alone. In fact, many Viking gamers, including lots of us at Valheim Server Hosting, prefer Valheim multiplayer. Slaying Odin’s ancient rivals (and celebrating with tankards of mead afterwards) as a co-op is a whole new world of fun.

Want to branch out into Valheim co-op but wondering how? Keep reading to learn all about Valheim multiplayer, how it works, and how to set up and join a multiplayer Valheim server.

How Does Valheim Multiplayer Work

Valheim multiplayer supports up to 10 players, so you can play co-op with 9 other friends or people you don’t know. You can join your fellow Viking gamers in an already existing world or create your own new game specifically for the group.

When you swap between Valheim worlds, your character, their inventory, and skills progress is transferred as is. That means if you lose equipment in one world, it will still be lost in the new game if you don’t retrieve it before swapping games. If you’re planning on playing in multiple worlds or in community servers, the game’s developers suggest having a separate character for single and multiplayer just in case you run into trouble.

The more players in a game, the harder the enemies become, and vice versa. When a player leaves, the enemies get easier. 

IMPORTANT: Valheim developers Iron Gate AB recommend playing in groups of 3-5 people for optimum play.

You can play Valheim multiplayer on local, dedicated, and/or community servers. We’ll look into the pros and cons of each later in this article.

Is Valheim Multiplayer PvP or PvE?

Valheim multiplayer is PvE (player vs. environment) as standard, and player damage is turned off by default, but it does have a competitive PvP (player vs. player) multiplayer option.

To turn on Valheim multiplayer PvP, head to the Inventory Screen in your game. Click the icon with two swords in the top-right corner. The swords will cross and the “PVP-damage enabled” or “Friendly fire enabled” notification will appear. Note that all participants who want to play PvP must follow this same process to activate it.


How To Start A Multiplayer Valheim Server

There are a few different factors to consider before deciding whether to set up a locally hosted or dedicated server for your Valheim multiplayer game. The choice depends how many players you are, when and how often you’ll be playing together.

Local Server For Valheim

When you play Valheim multiplayer on a local server, the game is hosted on your (or a friend’s) own PC server. Hosting locally works best for 2-3 players who will always be online at the same time.

Local servers are easy to set up. Either create a new world or choose an existing one, then select Start Server. You'll be prompted to enter a password and then just have to click Start to load the game.

Unlike setting up a dedicated server, playing on a local server has its limitations:

  • You’re reliant on the person who has the game saved on their computer to be online when you want to play
  • Your gameplay is subject to security issues, lag, and downtime depending on how powerful the hosting player’s gaming rig is

Dedicated Server For Valheim

Creating a dedicated Valheim server means your game gets to use the full power of the entire server. Provided you rent a high-spec server, like ours at Valheim Server Hosting, you can forget being restricted by bandwidth, connection strength, and PC hardware. Plus, you can play 24/7 no matter when your fellow players come online.

If you’re tech-savvy, you can set up your own dedicated server manually. However, this requires being able to change your router settings, edit server files, and handle port forwarding, amongst other steps. The much easier option is to rent a dedicated Valheim server instead. 

With Valheim Server Hosting, all you need to do is enter your email address, pick a server name and a password, and select your preferred server region, and you’ll be playing Valheim on your new, high-spec dedicated server within minutes. 

How To Join A Valheim Multiplayer Server

Joining a Valheim multiplayer game and inviting friends to join is the same whether your game is locally hosted or on a dedicated server. Make sure you (and your fellow players) know the game’s password, its server host name or IP address, and its port number. You’ll find this data on your Valheim Server Hosting dashboard if you’re renting a dedicated server from us.

Joining Valheim Multiplayer In-Game:

  • Click Start Game
  • Choose your character
  • Select Join Game
  • Search for the saved game from the Select Server list, OR click Join IP and enter the server IP or name, followed by a colon and the port number (“servername:portnumber”).
  • Enter the password to join

Joining Valheim Multiplayer Via Steam:

  • Select View > Servers > Favorites
  • Click Add A Server
  • Enter the host name and port, or IP address and port, separated by a colon, and click Find Games At This Address
  • If it’s up and running, your server will appear, and you can then select Add This Server To Favorites
  • Once you’ve saved the server on Steam, you can enter your Valheim game directly by accessing via your Favorites


If you trust everyone on your friends list, then you don’t need to use a password, but it’s best to use one to avoid griefers. If you end up in a scenario where you need to ban a player from your Valheim server, you can do so easily thanks to the admin functions on your Valheim Server Hosting dashboard.

Setting Up & Joining A Valheim Community Server

A final option if you want to play Valheim multiplayer but don’t know anyone personally who wants to join, is to set up (or join an existing) community server. These are servers that are accessible to the general public and can be browsed on the Select Server list. 

After setting up your dedicated Valheim server, simply turn on the “Community Server” feature so other players can join your co-op game. You can still password-protect these to keep safe and ensure no griefers join: just share the password via Steam Chat or Discord before you play.

Upgrade Your Valheim Multiplayer Experience With Valheim Server Hosting

Now you know all there is to know about Valheim multiplayer, all that’s left is to decide whether a local or dedicated server is right for you

Sign up for a 24-hour free trial with Valheim Server Hosting and start enjoying uninterrupted multiplayer Valheim gameplay straight away! 

What’s more, we’re so confident you’ll love renting your Valheim server from us that we’ll buy your existing server subscription from our competitors for free if you switch to us. Plus, you can earn money by recommending us with our Affiliate Program.

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Introducing Buyouts: Switch to Valheim Server Hosting for Free!

by Xavi Ablaza ● October 7, 2021

Experiencing issues with your current dedicated Valheim server hosting platform? Switch to us. We’re so confident you’ll love us we’ll buy out your subscription for free!

Having issues with your current Valheim server and looking for a better way to upgrade your gameplay? Forget lag, downtime, having to pay extra for high-performance servers, and other hidden costs. Valheim Server Hosting’s purpose-built servers eliminate the connection, bandwidth, CPU, and security issues that you face when playing on a lower-spec dedicated server. 

You enjoy increased control over your game and can play whenever and wherever you want, with dedicated game servers running 24/7. Perfect if you play alongside friends from multiple different time zones.

And guess what: we’re so confident you’ll love renting your Valheim server from us that we’ve decided we’ll buy out your subscription from our competitors so you can switch to us without losing money!

Why Switch to Valheim Server Hosting?

We’ve done the research and we think Valheim Server Hosting comes out on top. You can check out our comparison of Valheim servers here to decide for yourself which is right for you (you might even spot your existing server on the list!). Alternatively, keep reading to discover why our dedicated servers are the best:

  • Instant server setup: it’s super easy to set up your dedicated server with us, so you’ll be playing Valheim within 5 mins of entering your email address.
  • Global service: our servers are located in the US and Canada and provide lightning-fast speed, little to no lag or downtime, high uptime, and network availability to gamers all around the world.
  • Compatible on Linux and Windows.
  • Automated backups included for free: don’t worry about losing your files, configurations, or any other data if anything goes wrong. 
  • Secure servers: our servers are always online and we scan for security threats continuously to keep you protected from DDoS, UDP floods, source-engine query attacks, and more. Our secure payment gateways mean you can make online payments safely.
  • Powerful data centers: unlike many other Valheim servers which charge more for better performance, all of our data centers have a minimum spec of 128GB RAM paired with Intel Core i9 9900K processors as standard. We never oversubscribe servers and you can check metrics like CPU easily on your dashboard. You can also check your connection to the server easily with our Ping tester.
  • Intuitive control panel: our custom user interface allows you to configure and customize your Valheim server easily no matter how techy you are. It’s built by Valheim players for Valheim players, and it’s also multilingual! Manage, start, pause, and restart your server and perform admin tasks like banning users from your server effortlessly.
  • Mod support: with our Mod Manager, you can install Valheim Plus on your server to use community made-mods, plugins, and maps without needing knowledge of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Excellent customer support: our expert team of Valheim players is available around the clock and will answer any queries you might have within minutes.
  • Affordable, transparent pricing and free trials: we charge based on the length of your subscription so every user gets unlimited usage of our powerful servers, unlike most other Valheim servers. Packages start from $13 per month. What’s more, new users can test our servers for free for 24 hours; and existing users get an 8-hour free trial.

Earn Money With Our Affiliate Program

As well as enjoying all the benefits of switching to Valheim Server Hosting, you can also earn a recurring 30% commission on all payments for paying customers you refer to Valheim Server Hosting. To sweeten the deal, everyone you refer will also get 15% off for the first 12 months!

Renting A Valheim Server Already? We’ll Buy Out Your Subscription!

If you already rent a server from one of our competitors but are keen to see how Valheim Server Hosting is better, we’ll buy your subscription from them and convert it into credits to purchase a plan with us. Best of all, you’ll still get the 24-hour free trial so you can see for yourself how great our servers are!

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Valheim Servers: Which One Is Right for You?

by Xavi Ablaza ● September 27, 2021

Looking for a dedicated server to play Valheim? In this article, we'll go through the options and help you choose which one is best for you.

Hooked on Valheim and looking to dive deeper into the Viking world with smoother, uninterrupted gameplay with your friends? Us too. That’s how we know that renting a dedicated Valheim server is the way to go.

As a resource-intensive adventure survival game, Valheim requires a powerful server to run optimally. If you know how, you can host a dedicated server yourself. Or you can rent one of the server hosting packages listed below.

To help you decide which to invest in, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best Valheim servers out there from the most popular game server hosts on the Internet to those who specifically rent Valheim servers, like us at Valheim Server Hosting. So you can go back to defeating Odin’s ancient rivals and necking mead with your fellow warriors in no time.

First, let’s take a look at how a dedicated Valheim server will improve your gameplay and what to look for when picking your server.

Benefits Of A Dedicated Server For Valheim

Having a dedicated server for Valheim means your game has the exclusive use of that entire server. The alternative is to host the game on your or a friend’s current PC’s server, whose power is split between the game and any other programs running. This is known as self-hosting or local hosting, and can lead to a gamer’s worst nightmare: lag!

So, why host a dedicated server in Valheim?

  • Forget interruptions and enjoy smoother gameplay: a dedicated server means you can avoid the connection, bandwidth, CPU, and security issues that come with a shared server. Play Valheim without lag or downtime.
  • Increased control over the game: modify and run your game and worlds as you please. Play with your own rules, mods, and maps rather than putting up with someone else’s while playing on their server.
  • Play whenever (and wherever) you want: dedicated game servers have 24/7 access, so there’s no need to wait for the hosting player to come online. Ideal for multiplayer groups located across different time zones.

What To Look For In A Valheim Server

Valheim servers offer different features and functionality. Bear the following in mind when choosing which is best for you:

  • Security: good Valheim servers should have DDoS protection to prevent attacks bringing the server down
  • CPU, memory, connection: the recommended minimum requirements for a Valheim dedicated server are:
    • CPU: Two virtual CPUs at 2.8GHz
    • RAM: 4GB
    • Network: 1Gbps connection or higher
    • Storage: at least 2GB of free hard drive space is also recommended
  • Mods: if you play with mods, you need your server package to include Valheim Plus and/or FTP access
  • Server locations: to get low ping, it’s best to host the game on a server near you. Check where the data centers are located!
  • Instant setup: if you wanted a lengthy server creation process, you’d save your pennies and set it up yourself. Speedy setup is essential so you can get playing ASAP.
  • Easy import of existing games
  • Affordable pricing: many Valheim servers also offer a free trial so you can check they’re worth the investment!

Top 10 Best Valheim Servers

Valheim Server Hosting

Takeaway: Powerful, secure dedicated servers built by Valheim players for Valheim players. Ideal for those who want immersive, uninterrupted gameplay without having to worry about technicalities.

Key Features

  • Instant setup: play the game within 5 mins of entering your email address (for your 24-hour free trial) or completing payment.
  • Global data centers: our servers are located in the US and Canada, and serve players from all around the world with lightning-fast speed, little to no lag or downtime, high uptime, and network availability.
  • Ping tester: check your connection to the server easily on our website.
  • Automated server backups: don’t lose any of your files, configurations, or other data if anything goes wrong. 
  • High security standards: our servers are online 24/7 and we scan threat vectors continuously to keep you protected from security attacks including DDoS, UDP floods, source-engine query attacks, etc. Our payment gateways are also secure, so you can make online payments safely.
  • Powerful servers: all of our data centers have a minimum spec of 128GB RAM paired with Intel Core i9 9900K processors as standard, unlike many other Valheim servers. We never oversubscribe servers and you can check metrics like CPU easily on your dashboard.
  • Custom control panel: use our multilingual intuitive user interface to configure and customize your Valheim server easily no matter how experienced you are:
    • Effortlessly manage, start, pause, and restart your server.
    • Easily install supported mods, plugins, and maps without having to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
    • Perform admin tasks including banning users from the server from your control panel.
  • Mod support: you can install Valheim Plus on your server with our Mod Manager feature to use community made-mods, plugins, and maps.
  • Affordable pricing and free trials: new users can test our servers for free for 24 hours; existing users get an 8-hour free trial.
  • Great customer support: our experienced team of Valheim players is available 24/7 to answer any queries you might have within minutes.
  • Available for Linux and Windows
  • Buyout Campaign: if you decide you want to switch to Valheim Server Hosting from one of our competitors, we’ll buy your subscription with them and convert it into credits to purchase a plan with us (don’t worry - you still get the 24-hour free trial!)
  • Earn money with our Affiliate Program: get a recurring 30% commission on all payments for paying customers you refer to Valheim Server Hosting. Plus, all your referred customers get 15% off for the first 12 months!


  • While we have customers using our servers happily all around the world, we currently only have data centers in the US and Canada, which might be considered an issue by some players.


Valheim Server Hosting’s pricing is transparently displayed on our website and starts from a very affordable $13 per month when paid annually. There are no limits on features, server power, or the number of players with our packages, we just discount the price if you sign up for a longer subscription.

Survival Servers

Takeaway: One of the best-known server providers for online survival games, with secure, high-performing Valheim servers.

Key Features

  • Instant setup: play Valheim in minutes after renting your server. You can also upload your local Valheim save easily.
  • Custom control panel: easily modify server settings, automate server start, stop, and restart and create custom server statuses, switch server location instantly - useful if you have any lag issues and want to see if another data center would be faster.
  • Secure: servers have DDoS protection and passlocking for extra protection.
  • Mod support: Valheim Plus control panel and full FTP access mean you can install mods and plugins easily.
  • Unlimited resources: like Valheim Server Hosting, every pricing plan includes access to their highest single threat benchmark Intel/AMD CPUs (as of August 2021, that includes the Intel Core i9 9900K processor that we use) and ultra-fast NVMe/SSD drives.


  • They don’t offer a free trial allowing you to test gameplay on the server
  • Their website says there are only a limited number of Valheim servers available


Survival Servers theoretically price their game servers by player slot at $1.40 each. However, the minimum number of slots for their Valheim servers is 10 players, so their default price is $14 per month. Discounts are available on longer subscriptions.


Takeaway: A long-standing online game server host with a good reputation, but they charge extra for high-performance servers.

Key Features

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Secure, always online servers with DDoS protection
  • Global coverage: 26 data centers worldwide
  • Enterprise hardware: Intel CPU range from powerful E3 processors to the latest i7 and i9s, plus new powerful AMD Ryzens. However, they charge extra to host your server on the more powerful CPUs, where Valheim Server Hosting uses them as standard.
  • 24-hour refund: you get a full day of gameplay after paying to decide if the server’s right for you.
  • Instant setup and import your world easily
  • All maps and mods are supported and updated with new releases
  • Automatic backups every time the server is restarted, including your saved folder and any API Plugins you have installed.
  • Clan Pay system means you can ask your fellow players to donate to the cost of the server.


  • You have to pay extra for more disk space and higher performance CPUs
  • They don’t offer a free trial like Valheim Server Hosting, you have to pay first and then get a refund if the server isn’t right for you
  • Not specialized for Valheim players


GTX Gaming’s pricing is based on the performance level of your server. Better memory, CPU, disk space, priority support, and even some server locations all cost extra. Their standard Valheim server rental is £9.99 ($14.16) per month with discounts on longer subscriptions.

Indifferent Broccoli

Takeaway: A quirky game server host known for its friendly customer service, Indifferent Broccoli offers a 2-day free trial but doesn’t specify many details about its servers.

Key Features

  • Founded in 2021, it’s a partner site of Viking Server Hosting and 7d2dserverhosting.
  • Instant setup and easy world import from other servers
  • Offers a 2-day free trial and 7-day refund
  • Mod support: one-click Valheim Plus install and FTP access


  • Just two data centers, located in North America and Europe
  • Their website doesn’t give details about the CPU, memory, or storage performance of servers.


Standard pricing of $14 per month for 10 players.


Takeaway: online game server host offering customizable packages depending on the server performance you need. Not the cheapest Valheim server.

Key Features

  • Game switching: if you decide you no longer want to play Valheim, you can switch your dedicated server to one of the other games offered by 1GServerHost.
  • Global servers: data centers located in the US, Canada, EU, and the UK
  • Instant setup and free world migration
  • Automatic backups with offsite storage: ability to schedule backups and server restarts
  • All mods compatible
  • Upgrades to storage, memory, and CPU available at extra cost


  • Not the cheapest Valheim server
  • No free trial
  • High-performance servers not offered as standard
  • Not specialized for Valheim players


Technically priced per slot ($1.50 per player), but like Survival Servers it’s a minimum of 10 players, so packages start from $15 monthly. Longer subscriptions are discounted and additional storage, memory, and CPU are available at extra cost.


Takeaway: secure servers located in Asia and Australia as well as in the Americas and Europe: useful if you live in the global south and want a local server for lower latency. 

Key Features

  • Minecraft server host that has expanded to other games including Valheim
  • Offers a one-player Valheim server for free
  • Instant setup
  • Global data centers: servers located in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Mods support and full FTP access
  • DDoS protection and 24/7 server uptime
  • Modify server settings easily
  • User-friendly game control panel
  • 12GB RAM and 8x3.4 GHz CPU
  • Automatic backup is available for an additional $10 one-time charge
  • Free subdomain or IP with port (extra $10 for dedicated domain or $10 for IP without port)


  • Only 30GB storage: you might want more than this for backups and future game developments.
  • Their pricing is not all-inclusive
  • Not specialized for Valheim players


Free for one player or $14 a month for 10 players, not including automatic backup.

Nitrous Networks

Takeaway: powerful and secure online game servers, best for those with some tech knowledge.

Key Features

  • 7 server locations: UK, EU, US, and CA
  • DDoS protection
  • Unlimited RAM
  • New 9900K servers in some EU and UK locations


  • No 1-click mod support: have to upload via FTP, so some tech experience is required
  • No free trial


Standard, all-inclusive pricing plan but more expensive than other Valheim servers at $20.50 per month. Discounts on longer subscriptions.

Apex Hosting

Takeaway: Minecraft server host that offers Valheim too as of summer 2021, with customizable packages based on the amount of memory you require.

Key Features

  • User-friendly Multicraft control panel makes it easy to manage the server and control the game
  • Instant setup
  • High-spec servers with ping testers on their website
  • Full mod and plugin support: FTP access and one-click mod packs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 18 server locations around the world so low latency
  • Advanced DDoS protection
  • Automatic backups and updates
  • Free subdomain
  • Linux compatible
  • Upgrade or downgrade your server size at any time


  • Not the cheapest option


Apex Hosting is priced according to the RAM you require, rather than the number of players. The most popular option is 4GB, which costs $14.99 for the first month and $19.99 monthly thereafter. Longer subscriptions are discounted.


Takeaway: powerful server host offering dedicated game servers for Valheim, so you can use 100% of the resources you purchase.

Key Features

  • Valheim is their main game
  • Instant setup
  • Advanced DDOS protection
  • Automated cloud backups
  • Servers located in Europe and Canada
  • Intuitive control panel custom-designed for Valheim
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated server with Intel i7 6700k/7700k


  • Not as powerful a processor as Valheim Server Hosting (we use Intel Core i9 9900K processors)


XGamingServer base their pricing on the amount of RAM and disk space you require for your game, rather than the number of slots. Their packages start at $8 for 2GB RAM and 10GB SSD disk space, but their most popular package is $25 per month for 6GB RAM and 40GB storage, more expensive than most other Valheim servers.

Citadel Hosting

Takeaway: a hosting service that provides website and voice servers as well as online game servers, Citadel Hosting offers customizable packages depending on your server performance requirements.

Key Features

  • Flexible configuration: add extra RAM, priority on shared CPUs, and storage if needed
  • Instant setup
  • DDoS protection
  • 1-click installs of custom mods
  • Worldwide servers


  • Uses a shared server: you have to pay extra for priority processing
  • Doesn’t specialize in Valheim server hosting


Like many other Valheim servers, pricing says it’s per slot but it’s charged at a minimum of 10. Then packages are configurable to your requirements, meaning you can add extra RAM, priority processing on the server’s CPU, etc at an additional cost. A package with the standard included requirements starts at $16.20 per month.

Immerse Yourself In The Viking World With Valheim Server Hosting

As you can see from our list of the best Valheim servers on the market, there’s plenty to choose from. The decision depends on how much you’re willing to spend, how powerful a server you require, and how much tech background you have. For some players, a flexible package allowing you to pick and choose the memory and CPU of your server might be the right choice.

However - and we may well be biased - in our eyes, Valheim Server Hosting comes out on top. With high-performing and super-secure servers included on every package, an intuitive control panel that will allow you to manage the server no matter how tech-savvy you are, and very affordable pricing, it’s a win-win-win.

Of course, you could test out a server with lower RAM and a less powerful CPU. But why not try our dedicated Valheim servers for free? Immerse yourself deep in the Viking world with a 24-hour free trial and enjoy uninterrupted Valheim gameplay with anyone located in any part of the world.

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Valheim Server Setup: How To Set Up A Dedicated Server

by Xavi Ablaza ● September 22, 2021

Looking to optimize your Valheim gameplay and enjoy fast, uninterrupted gaming with friends located anywhere in the world? Playing on a dedicated server built by Valheim gamers for Valheim gamers can dramatically improve your gaming experience.

But don’t just take our word for it. In this article, we explain what dedicated servers are, their benefits over local hosting, and how to set up a Valheim server in just five minutes with Valheim Server Hosting. Let’s dive right in.

What Is a Valheim Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting service in which a client has the exclusive use of an entire server. When you use a dedicated server for Valheim, your game is run using the full power and bandwidth of that server, rather than sharing it with other users and programs. 

The alternative to using a dedicated server is self-hosting or local hosting. This means running the game on your (or one of your fellow gamers’) current PC’s server. While local hosting works fine for solo players, or 2 or 3 of you playing at the same time, it’s still subject to bandwidth, connection strength, and PC hardware restrictions.

Why Set-Up A Dedicated Server In Valheim Over Self-Hosting?

How Valheim Works

First of all, a quick explanation of how Valheim multiplayer works. The game allows you to create multiple characters and drop into your friends’ worlds without having to start from scratch. When you take a character and their inventory from one game to another, their skill progress is carried over. 

With that said, there can sometimes be technical issues swapping between worlds. In fact, Valheim’s developers even recommend creating separate characters for single and multiplayer games to avoid losing your progress or equipment. However, using a dedicated server is a much simpler way to enjoy multiplayer and multi-world gameplay.

So, Do You Need A Dedicated Server To Play Valheim?

Like we mentioned earlier, you can host the game locally on your own PC, so you don’t *need* a dedicated server to play Valheim. However, using a dedicated server makes your game faster and more secure, regardless of the size of your world, the number of players, and where or when you’re all playing.

As a high-end, resource-intensive game, Valheim requires a powerful server, especially when multiplayer. With a dedicated server, you don’t need to worry about your game being affected by possible downtime, crashes, and lags, security issues, or any other technical problems that could occur while self-hosting.

What’s more, if you’ve exclusively played Valheim on someone else’s self-hosted game server, you may well have had issues playing while they’re offline. Not a problem with a dedicated server, which is up and running 24/7 no matter which time zone you and your friends are located in.

While tech-savvy Valheim players can set up their own dedicated server, it’s quicker and easier to trust a platform like Valheim Server Hosting to do it for you. Our advanced dedicated game servers are purpose-built to give you the best speed and performance for playing Valheim. 

Hosted in high-performing data centers located in the US and Canada, Valheim Server Hosting’s dedicated servers offer lightning-fast speed no matter where you or your fellow players are in the world. With robust infrastructure, reliable uplinks, and tight security, our servers maintain high network availability and little to no lag or downtime. So all you have to do is enjoy playing the game.

How To Set Up A Valheim Dedicated Server

If you own Valheim, you automatically have access to the Valheim Dedicated Server setup tool. However, setting it up yourself is complicated and time-consuming. Instead of having to edit server files and log into your router software when you could be building forts, slaying Valheim bosses, and drinking mead with your fellow Vikings, let Valheim Server Hosting automate the process for you with instant server setup.

We offer two options for creating your Valheim dedicated server: our trial Valheim server and our paid Valheim server. Both will have you set up and playing the game within 5 minutes.

Trial Valheim Server Setup

  1. Enter your email, choose a password, and select your preferred server region on our trial Valheim server setup page. No need to enter credit card details.
  2. This takes you to the server creation screen. We’ll then allocate resources, generate your world, and secure your server with a password. 
  1. This process takes 1-5 minutes in total. Then you have 24 hours to play Valheim on your dedicated server for free and see how much better it makes the game.

Paid Valheim Server Setup

Great news - even though you’ll have to enter your credit card details to set up your server with this option, it also includes an 8-hour free gameplay trial so you can check the server is doing its job!

  1. Sign up and click on the Server Setup menu option on the left-hand sidebar of the Valheim Server Hosting dashboard.
  1. Enter your server's name, password, and preferred region.
  2. This will take you to the World Configuration page. Choose to let Valheim Server Hosting create a new world for you or import an existing world. You can only upload one world while setting up your server. However, you can add more later via the Server Dashboard.
  1. We’ll then create your server for you in just 5 minutes.
  1. You can use your ​​free 8-hour trial to play the game and check everything’s up to scratch!

What Do I Do After Setting Up My Valheim Server?

After server setup, check out our guide to connecting to your Valheim server and get playing the game.

Try Valheim Server Hosting For Free

Now you know why and how to set up a dedicated Valheim sever, what are you waiting for? It costs as little as $13 per month when paid annually to rent a server with Valheim Server Hosting. Sign up for a free 1-day trial of your Valheim server and see for yourself the difference it makes to your gameplay!

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What to Expect from Valheim’s Hearth and Home Update

by Xavi Ablaza ● September 13, 2021

As one of the biggest updates in the game’s history, Hearth and Home will refine a lot of the Viking survival sandbox title's mechanics and systems, changing the game for Valheim players (pun intended), especially in terms of settlement building and customizing spaces at home, with a few changes on weapons and combat.

Wondering what to expect from the first-ever major update for the Viking-themed survival sandbox game? You’re not alone. 

As millions of people fell in love with the Viking life in the Norse cosmos, many wanted game tweaks and updates to enhance their playing experience on Valheim. Iron Gate Studios listened.  

For some time now, developers have promised significant changes to house-building and cooking (the major appeals) in the Valheim Hearth and Home update. But with the unanticipated virality of Valheim, the team experienced many delays. 

Finally, after a long wait and endless rumors, the greatly anticipated update has a set release date of September 16 of 2021. As one of the biggest updates in the game’s history, Hearth and Home will refine a lot of the Viking survival sandbox title's mechanics and systems, changing the game for Valheim players (pun intended), especially in terms of settlement building and customizing spaces at home, with a few changes on weapons and combat. 

So without further ado, let’s cover the exciting news and major feature updates:

Added Variety to the Home-building Process

Success starts at home. That isn’t just some cliche quote in a parenting 101 book. It’s a fundamental truth in Valheim. The nicer your home, the higher your “comfort level,” which translates into a longer-lasting buff that regenerates your health and stamina faster when you leave the house to fight monsters.

The Hearth and Home update will add new building materials (like dark wood roof pieces and window hatches) and more activities around the house. There’s already a sub-community passionate about building impressive structures on Valheim; this update with more building pieces will encourage more creative player creations. 

With ValheimServerHosting, you can build large-scale structures with no limitations on our mod-friendly servers using custom building modifications. Worried about messing up or losing progress on your construction? We also have auto-save and backup features that ensure you never lose progress and preserve previous versions of your world. 

Repurposing Food for Health & Stamina

The Iron Gate Studio will implement a reworked food system that enables players to hone their different playstyles by making different food choices. Essentially, different foods will now serve distinct advantages in the new food system. 

Previously, the food roughly provided the same amount of stamina and strength. In this update, food has been split into three categories:

  • A red icon indicates that the food mainly gives you health
  • A yellow icon means that it provides more stamina
  • A white icon means that the food provides an even split.

For example, eating “stamina” foods may be better suited for players that want to keep building. Whereas eating “health” food will help boost health, allowing for more effective attack blocks and damage mitigation–designed for more tanky, defensive players.  

The food bar has also been removed and replaced with timers showing how much time you have left before you get “hungry”.

As Valheim is also a multiplayer survival game, this update will further enhance cooperative experiences as each team member can serve a different purpose in-game and synergize to ultimate victory. 

Hearth and Home also bring us new foods like Eyescream, Shocklate smoothie, various wolf meats, and the ability to plant and harvest onions. Iron Gate Co has also mentioned new cooking station extensions like the butcher table, spice rack, and pots and pans. 

Changes in Battle: Blocking and Staggering

The nature of fights against monsters will also change. The effectiveness of your block power against monster attacks will now be dependent on your character’s maximum health rather than a stamina system. So, the lower your health, the less effective your blocks are–leaving you increasingly vulnerable to death. 

A new stagger meter is also being embedded within the in-game user interface. If the meter ever reaches full capacity, your blows have the potential to knock an enemy off balance. 

Shields get a revamp

In particular, tower shields get a significant buff, with a lot more knockback than other shields in the game. While safe and slow, these new tweaks now render the tower shield a great choice for playing defensively, especially against many enemies at once, as a tank.

On the opposite end, the lighter buckler may offer fewer blocking capabilities, but it now also allows you to parry incoming strikes.

The regular round shields will remain a balanced choice for the standard fighter. 

All the weapons have been rebalanced

You’ve heard that right. But some weapons have been tweaked more than others, including:

  • The two-handed axe now has a faster windup, improved stagger damage, and cleaving capabilities. Alongside its fast knockback alternative attack, this makes the weapon more powerful than before. That said, it will remain slow and heavy, so players will have to remain tactical with its use.
  • The bow has been rebalanced to make it feel less overpowered. Alterations have been made to the bow speed, so you won’t be able to draw the bow instantly, even after maxing out your bow skill. While drawing still costs stamina, you’ll need less to keep the bow drawn. This will result in more time to aim, without depleting your stamina too fast.

Flex Your Riches Under Maximum Security

The Hearth and Home update let us pretentiously show off our treasure chest of riches to other players. You can create coin stacks and fill your soon-to-be-added treasure vault. To ensure that no soul pilfers your loot, the update will include an “iron gate,” allowing you to hoard treasure under the safety of lock and key.

While you keep your in-game riches safe, we’ll make sure that your gaming experience on our Valheim servers is safe and secure for an uninterrupted and worry-free playing session. 

Enjoy the Hearth & Home Changes On Our Reliable Servers

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The major upcoming update by Iron Gate is, undoubtedly, a major cause for excitement as we all want to be a part of the new Valheim coming September 16. We hope for a fantastic experience playing the game to the year-end, after which more updates will continue to improve the game.

No matter what changes happen in-game, our Valheim servers remain steadfast in their mission to deliver the best playing experience possible. If you’re still a little nervous about hosting with us, then try our 24-hour FREE server trial before paying for a long-term option. We guarantee that you’ll love it.  

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