(2022) Valheim Controller support: How to Play Valheim With a Controller

by 404 ● December 23, 2021

In this Valheim modding guide, we’re going to go over where to find Valheim server mods, how to install mods on the client-side and on a dedicated server, and some of the best Valheim mods to add to your server.

With a very simple interface, the Norse-inspired game isn’t very involved when it comes to having a difficult interface with movement, combat, and building. So wouldn’t it make sense to have Valheim controller support? At Valheim Server Hosting, we’re going to look at Valheim with a controller and any possible limitations it has with controls. 


  • Partial Controller Support On Valheim
  • Which Controllers Work With Valheim?
  • Movement And General Controls For Valheim
  • Menu Controls For Valheim
  • Building Controls For Valheim
  • How To Connect A Valheim Controller

Partial Controller Support On Valheim


Whether Valheim has controller support is answered right on the Steam page itself. When you look on the right side of the Steam page where you can see if a game has controller support, you’ll see the words “Partial Controller Support.” What does partial controller support mean and does this mean you can play Valheim with a controller? 

“Partial Controller Support” means that it is possible to use a controller in Valheim, but there are some limitations. One of these is that Valheim might not work with every controller. There’s also no current controller mapping in-game. 

Which Controllers Work With Valheim?

As far as Valheim controller support is concerned, many state that the Xbox and PlayStation controllers work fine with Valheim. 

Some on Reddit are saying controllers as early as the Xbox 360 work for Valheim while others have managed to make the newest PlayStation 5 controller work for Valheim. 

Unfortunately, those who are looking to reassign their button controllers will have to deal with the default partial controls or attempt to use Steam’s controller configuration. 

Movement And General Controls For Valheim

Movement is an important feature in Valheim as you need to run to or from enemies, crouch to sneak by enemies, or even activate your forsaken power in Valheim. 

Even if Valheim controller support is only partial without in-game mapping, you can still do every command in the game. 


Camera Control
R stick.png
O button.png / XboxOne_B.png
X button.png / XboxOne_A.png
L1.png / XboxOne_LB.png
L3 button.png
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
L2.png / XboxOne_LT.png
L2.png / XboxOne_LT.png + O button.png / XboxOne_B.png
Alternate Attack
R1.png / XboxOne_RB.png
Open Inventory
Triangle button.png / XboxOne_Y.png
Sit Down
Square button.png / XboxOne_X.png
Put away weapon/tool
down R.png
Action Bar Navigation
Dpad left.png/Dpad right.png
Use/Equip Highlighted Item
Dpad up.png
Forsaken Power
Dpad down.png
Touchpad.png / XboxOne_Windows.png

Menu Controls For Valheim

The menu is where all the magic happens in Valheim. You can use the menu commands to craft items, repair items, browse your inventory, and browse your inventory. 

Crafting is such a large part of the game that playing Valheim with a controller almost seems like a no-brainer because of how much raw material you’ll be processing when navigating your crafting interface. 

With partial Valheim controller support, you can craft directly from your inventory, use the workbench, and repair your tools and weapons. 

L stick.png
Swap Menu Windows
L1.png / XboxOne_LB.png | R1.png / XboxOne_RB.png
Square button.png / XboxOne_X.png
X button.png / XboxOne_A.png
Open/Close Inventory
O button.png / XboxOne_B.png | Triangle button.png / XboxOne_Y.png
Drop Item
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png + X button.png / XboxOne_A.png
Split Stack
L2.png / XboxOne_LT.png + X button.png / XboxOne_A.png
Craft Item
in crafting menu
Square button.png / XboxOne_X.png
Repair Items
at workbench crafting menu
down R.png

Building Controls For Valheim

Whether you’re playing Valheim on MacOS or hanging out on a dedicated Valheim server with friends you’ve met on some of Valheim’s best Discord servers, you’re always going to be building something. 

To survive in the harsh Nordic environments, you’ll need to learn to construct a base that can survive everything from the harsh Viking elements to attacks from creatures. Unfortunately, building in Valheim isn’t the easiest because of all the rules in place when snapping pieces together or building on different terrain. 

However, the gamepad controls should become intuitive over time as you practice only a handful of Valheim building controls. 

Build Menu
X button.png / XboxOne_A.png
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
R1.png / XboxOne_RB.png
Snapping Options
L1.png / XboxOne_LB.png
L2.png / XboxOne_LT.png + R stick.png
Change Building Tab
with build menu open
L1.png / XboxOne_LB.png | R1.png / XboxOne_RB.png

How To Connect A Valheim Controller

Now that you know that Valheim controller support is possible, it’s time to connect your controller. Fortunately, most controllers, such as the Xbox and PlayStation controllers are plug-and-play. That means you don’t need to worry about configuring the controller as you simply need to plug it in and Valheim will recognize it. 

What If Valheim Doesn’t Recognize My Controller?


If you’re using a controller that is not plug-and-play like PlayStation and Xbox controllers are, then you can try enabling your gamepad through the in-game settings. 

  • Start Valheim
  • Open the settings
  • Click on the “Controls” tab at the top
  • Click on “Gamepad Enabled”

When you follow these steps, your controller should connect to play Valheim. However, if you’re still having issues connecting your controller there are a couple of other things you can try getting your Valheim controller support working. 

  • Check that you have updated drivers for your controller
  • Check to see if Steam recognizes your controller
  • Check the controller’s battery level if you’re using a wireless controller

To see if Steam recognizes your controller, you can open your Steam settings at the top left of your Steam client. Click on controller support, then general controller settings. Once you’ve selected the general controller settings button, you can select the controller you wish to use for Valheim. 

Whether you’re playing on mouse and keyboard or just want to sit back and play Valheim with a controller, the best place to do so is on an instant Valheim server that you don’t have to worry about. 

Hosting your Valheim server with a dedicated service takes the worry out of needing to troubleshoot your hardware or worry about how your internet connection will affect other players. 

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