Valheim Mac: How To Play Valheim on MacOS

by 404 ● November 26, 2021

Can you play Valheim on Mac? The official answer is: No. But you can still play Valheim macOS, and the solution is very easy. Find out how by reading this article

If there’s something almost every gamer loves it’s a good survival game. Valheim, heavily based on Viking lore, has sold millions of copies since its release. 

Unfortunately, a large potential player base is alienated due to Valheim’s development priorities. Does this mean you cannot play Valheim on MacOS? At Valheim Server Hosting, we will delve into just that.

Is Valheim Currently Available On Mac?

As gamers, we always have to ask why a game we want to play, isn’t available for a certain operating system or console. The golden question of the day is whether a Valheim Mac version is available. 

Can you play Valheim on Mac? The official answer is: No. But that doesn’t mean a Valheim MacOS version isn’t in the works. 

It also doesn’t mean that there’s no official way to play a Valheim Mac version. 

Before we look into how to play Valheim on Mac, we can first see if there are any alternatives to playing a Valheim Mac version. 

How To Play Valheim On Mac OS

Despite having some of the best hardware on the computer market macOS, surprisingly, gets the short end of the stick when it comes to video games. Even those who already play Valheim on Windows still experience issues of their own, such as not getting a response from their dedicated server

Many game developers avoid taking the time to develop games for the macOS for various reasons, and many feel their efforts are best spent publishing for Windows. 

Fortunately, gamers who want to stick with their Mac operating system have found ways to get around these limitations to play their favorite Windows releases on their macs. macOS players have a choice between different software such as GeForce Now and Boot Camp, but can you play Valheim on Mac with these services? 

Let’s take a look at using GeForce now, a cloud-based streaming service, to play Valheim on MacOS. 

When you go to NVIDIA’s website, you can go to the download link at the top to open the following screen:

Source: NVIDIA

On this screen, you click on download under the Mac OS to download the GeForce program to your Mac. If you are new to NVIDIA, you would need to create a log in. With NVIDIA GeForce, players can browse for Valheim, and other titles, on Steam’s substantial list of games. 

Boot Camp is a free tool for macOS players to play their favorite Windows games on their Mac.  

Source: Apple Boot Camp

When you go to the Boot Camp link on Apple’s website, you click on “Get Started with Boot Camp.”

Source: Apple Boot Camp

After that, it will put you on a screen that says “Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant,” you can follow the straightforward instructions to download Windows 10 on your Mac. 

You don’t need both Boot Camp and NVIDIA GeForce Now to play Valheim on MacOS. You can use either software to enjoy this popular survival game on your Mac. 

Now that you have Valheim on MacOS, you can join one of the six best Valheim Discord servers to find other Valheim players to survive the harsh Viking elements with. 

It remains to be seen whether the developers will take a leap of faith once they’re finished with their current 2021 roadmap and decide to invest and expand their player base to Mac players. But, for now, these are the best options for playing Valheim on MacOS.   

What Platforms Is Valheim Available To Play?

Valheim was released on February 2nd, 2021 and, while this is a playable version of the game, it is still considered an early access release. Valheim being an early access title is surprising for a creative survival game that already has a comprehensive roadmap for 2021. 

The most recent release was Valheim’s Hearth and Home update, which was released on September 16th, 2021, focused on giving content for players who wanted more to do with their Viking homes. There was a lot to expect from Valheim’s Hearth and Home update

With the Hearth and Home update, players can:

  • Experience a complete rebalance of the weapon system.
  • Enjoy better server stability.
  • Check out a comprehensive repurposing of the health and stamina system. 

You can also enjoy Valheim’s Hearth and Home update with other players. If you’re unsure of how to join others, there are multiplayer guides for Valheim to help you get started. 

While the roadmap for Valheim sounds promising, potential players will be disappointed to find out that Valheim is not available on any console. Unfortunately, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and macOS players are currently unable to enjoy the Viking-themed survival game while it’s in its early access.

Valheim’s early access is only available for PC players. However, Valheim not being available or any other console or operating system doesn’t mean it will remain a PC exclusive game. A Valheim MacOS version could still be a possibility.  

Will There Be A Valheim Port For MacOS?

Valheim’s developer, Iron Gate AB’s, tongue-in-cheek response to whether their hit Viking survival game will release for MacOS was:

“We don’t currently support Mac because we don’t have a Mac computer at the office. Adding Mac support and debugging and testing would take a lot of development hours that we don’t have at the moment. In the future, it might be possible to add Mac compatibility.”

-Iron Gate AB

It’s understandable that the developers want to focus on polishing their early access title before they commit the manpower and development time to work on a Valheim MacOS or console port. 

Source: Twitter

Valheim’s publisher, Coffee Stain Publishing, has reported that their Norse-inspired title was the driving force behind a quarterly revenue of almost 94 million USD. 

Imagine the profit increase if and when the producers decide to devote time and manpower towards releasing Valheim on other operating systems such as MacOS and Linux.