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Valheim Server Hosting

Host your Valheim server with us to experience a whole new level of adventure and thrill.

Enter the world of Valheim as a fearless Viking warrior to defeat Odin’s ancient rivals and bring peace to the kingdom with the help of ValheimServerHosting.

We are one of the best Valheim server hosts in the market, offering high-end server speed and performance, an easy-to-use control panel, reliable data centers, secure servers, and a bunch of player-centric tools, features, and functionalities.

How much does hosting cost?

Prices start at $13 a month. All major credit and debit cards accepted. No hidden fees.
If you are a new user, you can play for 24 hours before you pay.


$16 / month

1 month subscription
billed monthly

Save $12 per year!


$15 / month

3 months subscription
billed quarterly

Save $30 per year!


$14 / month

6 months subscription
billed every 6 months

Save $36 per year!


$12.42 / month

12 months subscription
billed yearly

Why Choose to Rent A dedicated Server Over Self-Hosting?

Are you a game enthusiast who wants to dive deeper into the gaming world?

Do you want uninterrupted Valheim gameplay with anyone located in any part of the world?

Trust us; you need a dedicated Valheim server from ValheimServerHosting!

The thing is, Valheim is a high-end, resource-intensive video game that requires a powerful gaming server for you to experience smooth gameplay. It becomes harder to run Valheim with an increased gameplay time and number of players, so instead of self-hosting a local server-where your gameplay experience is affected by the size of the world and the number of players, you can create a fast and secured server with ValheimServerHosting.

Our advanced game servers are purpose-built to provide you the best speed and performance for Valheim, so you can focus on enjoying your game while saving yourself from frequent downtime, lag, and server crashes. Not to mention, self-hosting invites other issues concerning your network and systems that may happen at any time. As a result, you may lose your focus from the game, which is enough to kill your enthusiasm.

With us, you don’t have to spend time doing stuff like managing the server, handling security issues, and other tasks that may distract you from enjoying your game. All of these factors scream the need for ValheimServerHosting, so you can thoroughly enjoy your game without any trouble.

Explore our Features

Instant SetupInstant Setup
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Getting on board with us is never painful. We provide an instant server setup that is automated and effortless, so you can start playing the game just after you complete the payment.
Custom Control PanelCustom Control Panel
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Our control panel provides you with an intuitive, powerful, yet easy-to-use interface that you can use to configure your Valheim server and customize the server settings based on your preference. 

You can install supported mods, start, pause, or restart the server quickly, and perform many other operations using this effortless control panel. We are also going to add custom-tailored Valheim server templates that can offer better experience to your Valheim server hosting

Global Data CentersGlobal Data Centers
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ValheimServerHosting serves players from around the world, and currently, we have high-performing data centers located in the US and Canada. Our data centers offer lightning-fast speed with little to no lag or downtime. You can even check the server connection by utilizing our Ping Tester.  

Our data centers maintain high uptime and network availability with our robust infrastructure and reliable uplinks. We also maintain tight security in the data centers so no security issues could surface.

Automated Server BackupsAutomated Server Backups
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We provide automated server backups to ensure that you can go back to an earlier save if anything goes wrong. In short, you won’t lose any of your files, configurations, and other data. 

In addition, we keep updating our capabilities so you can avail the latest features and functionality without involving any security risks.  

Access ControlsAccess Controls
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You get complete control over your Valheim server so that you can use it based on your requirements and preferences. We make it effortless for you to edit the server configurations, choose the options, and play with your game server regardless of your experience. 

We provide you with an easy way to upload your maps without using FTP. You can effortlessly manage your server and install plugins, mods, and maps while organizing them however you want.

Secure ServersSecure Servers
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We at ValheimServerHosting take security seriously! This is why we protect your servers with high security standards. As a result, our network is safe from security attacks of even high magnitudes such as DDoS, UDP floods, source-engine query attacks, and so on. 

Our servers are online 24/7  and we keep scanning threat vectors to provide all-around protection for you, so you don’t need to worry about your data or resources as they are safe all the time. Additionally, our payment gateways are also secure so that you can make online payments care-free.

Modding SupportModding Support
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Our servers support community made-mods, plugins, and maps that can improve the functionality or experience of your gameplay.

*We are currently still building our server's mod support and have a good list of in-demand mods. The ability to upload your own mods will be available soon!

Chrome Extension for ModsChrome Extension for Mods
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Add your preferred Mods in a few clicks with our newest feature, Chrome Extension for Thunderstore Valheim Mods.

Why Are We Better than the Rest?

24/7 Customer Service24/7 Customer Service
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When we say we offer 24/7 customer support, we mean it!

We at ValheimServerHosting go above and beyond  to serve our customers the way you expect us to, no matter what time it is or where you are located. We don’t let you wait for long hours or days just to solve a query.
Instead, we have a dedicated team of Valheim players  who have deep knowledge of Valheim’s technicalities. They will help you solve your questions within minutes so you can continue playing Valheim with the same thrill.  

All you need to do is to contact us through email or through Crisp  and all your queries related to Valheim server management, account, and billing concerns will be sorted in quick response times.
Additionally, you can also go to our Help Center on our website, where we have put up some frequently read articles to address common concerns players might face.

Multilingual InterfaceMultilingual Interface
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ValheimServerHosting aims to serve players from across the globe. That’s why we have designed our control panel interface in multiple languages. Our simple yet powerful interface currently supports several languages such as English, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, German, and French.
Experienced TeamExperienced Team
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We offer Valheim servers created BY Valheim players FOR Valheim players. We understand the ins and outs of the game and have been playing it since it first launched. 

This is why we could better understand the challenges like frequent lag, errors, resource scarcity, management difficulties, and confusing technicalities that players face if they don’t have a powerful server backing up their games.  

We built  a robust Valheim server with a user-friendly interface and advanced features to address all these challenges so you can enjoy the best possible gameplay.

Purpose-Built Hosting CapabilitiesPurpose-Built Hosting Capabilities
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All our Valheim server hosting capabilities are purpose-built to maximize the magnitude of your adventure and thrill in the game. You get robust server infrastructure to take care of performance and speed, effortless server management with effective controls, and more. At the same time, we offer best-in-class security to ensure your server, data, and resources are safe.

Competitive PricingCompetitive Pricing
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Another unique aspect that differentiates us from the rest is that we offer a 24-hour FREE trial to new users so you can get real-time experience playing Valheim on our server. It will help you at great lengths, especially when you are a beginner in the game or even an experienced player wanting to test how our servers perform.

All the other plans have the same features, but the pricing differs if you choose a different payment cycle. This is helpful, considering you don’t have to compromise on any features.

How's our server performance?

We use best-in-class, Intel-based dedicated servers for hosting Valheim.

Our data centers around the world have a minimum spec of 128GB RAM paired with Intel Core i9 9900K processors. We never oversubscribe customers to a single machine to avoid as much server overload as possible, with server metrics like CPU usage easily trackable on your dashboard. We focus on providing the best Valheim experience and follow server management practices recommended by IT experts and the Valheim community. If you're worried about your connection to our servers, you can use our Ping Tester below.

US CentralUS Central

What our users say about us

What makes us different from other server providers and vs. holding a server yourself?
Valheim Server HostingViking Server HostingG-PortalSurvival Servers
24/7 Customer Support
Mod Curators
Admin / Ban Interface
24-Hour Free Trial
Multilingual Interface

What is Valheim?

From the developers of Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Studios, Valheim is a sandbox and survival video game that brings  a whole new world of excitement and adventure to the game genre.

The game can be played in single player and multiplayer modes and is currently accessible through Linux and Windows 10.
Valheim represents a beautiful, procedurally-generated world in which slain Vikings are needed to prove themselves suitable for the walls of Valhalla. You, as a player, enter the game with nothing, and your goal is to defeat the stalking evils of Valheim to attain the Norse afterlife.
The game lets you venture into its deep forests, lush valleys, snow-peaked mountains and sail across the seas on a marvelous longship. You will build and raise your Viking castles, houses, and mead halls using a robust construction interface. You are also capable of building grand vessels, warships, and more to explore the vast world and to conquer new areas.

Valheim exposes you to the world of mythical beasts and wildlife that you need to protect yourself from in order to survive. Craft armor and weapons, cook food and drink mead, and create medicine to defend yourself from the evils of Valheim.

Valheim is undoubtedly a highly rewarding, exciting, and visually appealing video game. It has adopted the history and mythology of Norse to bring the fun and adventure to the next level. In addition, it gives a new perspective on why the players should survive and win the gameplay: to defeat Odin’s ancient rivals in Valheim, bring peace to the kingdom, and reach the afterlife.