(2022) Valheim Server Commands: The Complete List

by 404 ● December 23, 2021

Whether you’re hosting your own dedicated Valheim server or having one hosted for you, there is a Valheim dedicated server admin list and other Valheim server commands you can use to do everything from banning a user to setting the server’s draw distance.

Whether you’re hosting your own dedicated Valheim server or having one hosted for you, there is a Valheim dedicated server admin list and other Valheim server and cheat commands you can use to do everything from banning a user to setting the server’s draw distance. 

Before getting into all of the Valheim server commands, you need to know how to access the console first. 


  • Accessing The Console In Valheim 
  • Valheim Admin Commands
  • Cheat Commands In Valheim

Accessing The Console In Valheim 

Before you can access the console in Valheim, you’ll need to play around with a launch option using Steam. 

First, you’ll want to go to your Steam library and right-click on Valheim. 

Once you’re on the General tab, you’ll see the words “Launch Options” at the bottom of the screen. 

Once you see “Launch Options,” you will want to type in the word “-console.”

Now, open Valheim. 

Once you’re in Valheim, you can open the console simply by pressing F5. You can close the console by pressing F5 again. 

In the game, there are Valheim admin commands, player commands, and cheat commands. As a Valheim server manager, commands are important to easily manage your server from the console. Now that you know the Valheim console commands, let’s take a look at each one individually. 

Valheim Admin Commands


This command will show you all the Valheim admin commands available. 

kick [name]

This command kicks a player from the game. However, this only removes them, this does not ban them from the server. You can also use the IP address or userID in place of the player’s name. 

ban [name] 

This command will outright ban the player entirely. You can also ban their IP and userID. 

unban [name]  

This Valheim server command is only used if you feel you can trust a player who was banned to come back to your server. 


Using the banned command pulls up a list of players you’ve banned from the server in case you’ve forgotten their name and want to unban them. 


If you’re unsure what your server latency is, you can use this command to measure the server’s ping. 

lodbias [number]

Using the lodbias command allows players to set their draw distance anywhere between 1 and 5. If you run your own dedicated Valheim server and you’re running into lag or other performance issues, you can try using lodbias to help reduce the draw distance and ease the pain of the PC running the server. 

Cheat Commands In Valheim

Cheat commands are Valheim console commands you can use that are similar to Valheim admin commands. To access these commands, you use type in “devcommands.” 

You are not able to use cheat commands on a multiplayer server unless you’re hosting your own dedicated server. Only the server’s host can use Valheim server commands and cheats. 

Here is the comprehensive list of cheats in Valheim. 

addstatus [name]

Use a status effect such as burning, wet rest, etc. 

beard [beard#] 

Changes the beard type of your player. 


Clears any status effect regardless of affiliation


Turns dps debug print on and off.

env [env]

Assigns the debug environment. Examples: Rain, LightRain, ThunderStorm, SnowStorm, Misty, Crypt, etc. 


Shows the entire map.

event [name]

Begins an event of your choice

ffsmooth 1 

Gives your free camera smooth movement

ffsmooth 0 

Turns off smooth movement


Turns fly mode on or off


Turns the free camera on or off


Displays garbage collection information.


Any unplaced location gets re-distributed


Your player becomes a ghost that enemies cannot see


Turns god mode on or off

goto [x] [y] [z] 

Uses the specified coordinates to teleport players

hair [hair#] 

Changes your character’s hairstyle permanently


Gives your character a full heal

itemset [name] [keep] 

Spawns an item set depending on the skill set. For example: A skills set of 35 should spawn you silver weapons and wolf armor. 


Wipes all of the nearby enemies. Be careful, this also includes tamed creatures. Do not do this near a farm.


Pulls up a list of global keys.

location [name] 

Spawns an instance based on the location. Warning: This will disable saving, permanently. 

model [0-1] 

Switches between a male and female character.


Turns no cost mode on or off

.players [number] 

The number is the difficulty set for the players. 0 will reset the difficulty. 


Displays player coordinates.


Resets the hunger level and returns the player to default stamina. 

raiseskill [skill] [amount] 

Allows the player to raise or lower any skill. 


Spawns a random event.


Removes any dropped items in the immediate area. 


Resets character data entirely. 


Completely resets the debug environment.

resetkeys [name] 

Resets the global keys. 


Adds the fog of war back to the map. 

resetskill [skill] 

Brings the specific skill back to 0. 


Resets the wind 


A handy cheat to force a save for the world. Perfect if you have your own dedicated Valheim server set up. 

setkey [name] 

Assigns a new global key.

setpower [name] 

Adjusts the Forsaken power currently set while resetting its cooldown.

skiptime [seconds = 240]

Skills time forward by the specified amount. 


Similar to skiptime, but only skips time forward a day. 

spawn [entity name] [amount] [level] 

Spawns an entity. You can adjust the amount of entities spawned and levels. 


Stop any event currently happening in your world.


Tames creatures in your immediate area. 

test [value] 

Toggles the value set for a test.


Displays the current time. 

tod [0-1] 

Assigns the time of day. 

wind [angle] [intensity] 

Players can adjust the intensity and angle of the wind. 

This handy list of server manager commands will allow you to augment a server as you see fit. You can also use these commands if you’re playing solo, but why play solo if you have access to some of the best Valheim discord servers to find other friends to play with. 

If you’re thinking about setting up a server, why not get a dedicated Valheim server setup for you instantly with Valheim Server Hosting so you can play around with some of these Valheim console commands?