Valheim Mountain Update: All You Need to Know

by 404 ● February 27, 2022

Valheim has announced that its mountain biome update is almost ready to launch a year after the release of the original game. Iron Gate Studios recently gave a sneak peek at what’s to come and what dedicated Valheim fans can come to expect of the newest addition to the game.

Mountain Update

The highly anticipated mountain update will be here soon. As Iron Gate Studios had shared, the mountain update is as good as ready to be shared with the world, with some finishing touches being made before its release. Sneak peeks have created quite a stir in the Valheim gaming community, causing sparks of excitement. 

Based on the screenshots shared by Iron Gate, the mountain update features snow-capped mountains, new mountain creatures, as well as new cave areas. A common thread seems to show up in all screenshots - wolves becoming a possible recurring theme in the new Valheim update. It seems like the dark caves are open for exploration, and it’s unclear whether or not the blue glow-in-the-dark cave gems are there to be collected or if they simply are a part of the environment. 

Additionally, players will be able to explore a secret underground temple, go hunting for new resources, fight new enemies, and take on an all-new boss. In a nutshell, the world of Valheim is about to get a lot bigger! 

Mistlands Biome

The development team also announced their roadmap, showcasing that the mistlands biome is up next when it comes to updates. The mistlands biome isn’t ready yet. However, from the pictures that were shared, we know that this new biome will feature lush green landscapes with some streams or rivers running through the thick greenery. 

The screenshots reveal the reason for the naming of the biome, with mist rolling over the leaves of the shrubs - Mistlands is truly a fitting description. With no release date set in stone, players will have to wait until after the mountain update before they can venture into the mistlands. But the possibility of battling murder moths and exploring all that the Mistlands have to offer will come.

More Updates to Come

Out of four announced updates, only Hearth and Home has been released. That still leaves three other updates to be released soon, with the mountain update being the first. Mistlands, and Ships and the Sea are two of the other updates that are in the works. Another update mentioned was named Cult of the Wolf, and by the looks of the mountain update, it looks like part of that update was already incorporated into this upcoming biome.

Iron Gates Studio has teased that avid players can look forward to seeing more sneak peeks on the various social media channels. The mountain update will be launched by the end of February or early March. An announcement made by the developer showcased that the original updates won’t all be happening in a year’s time, but will take more time to develop especially when considering keeping up the quality of the game.

How to Make the Most of the Game

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Key Takeaways

The mountain update is on its way and will be available to players soon. The update introduces a variety of new elements and an all-new environment for players to check out. And with the next release being mistlands, the new creepy dark caves with their eerie wall drawings of wolves seem to foreshadow the next release. 

So whether you’re a Valheim veteran, or someone just getting into the game, there’s never been a better time to get back in! If you need a good place, check out our article on the best server seeds in Valheim.